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集团公司拥有广东、河北两大生产基地。两大基地都是中国复合无机颜料、陶瓷色料最大的生产商之一。其中,华山公司地处广东省中山市,占地面积超过40,000 平方米;高砂公司地处河北省石家庄市赞皇县,占地面积超过50,000平方米。集团公司具有得天独厚的交通,信息和群体优势。公司拥有完善的原料加工系统和连续式全自动化控制的新式大型烧成窑炉,Beplay体育软件和涂料用复合无机颜料、烧结彩砂及陶瓷色料年产能超30,000吨,产品质量稳定,发色能力强。生产中做到了废水,废料,粉尘的零排放。公司在陶瓷色料生产上已有20余年历史,销售服务网络遍布全球,其产品远销欧,美,日,亚,非等30多个国家和地区。


早在2001年,公司就荣获了ISO9001:2000国际认证。基于优质的产品质量与专业化的服务,华山公司和高砂公司还分别被授予“中国建筑卫生陶瓷行业十大知名品牌(原材料)供应商”,“中国建筑卫生陶瓷协会色釉料分会副理事长单位”,“中国陶瓷工业协会装饰材料分会副会长单位”以及“中国硅酸盐学会色釉料专业委员会副主任委员单位” ,“广东省Beplay体育软件工业协会副会长单位”等荣誉称号。


Zhongshan Huashan Hi-Tech Ceramic Material Co., LTD.

Company Profile

Zhongshan Huashan Hi-Tech Ceramic Material Co., Ltd. was established in 1991, which is a professional integrated  company including technical research and development, production and sales for compound inorganic pigment, burned polychrome sand, ceramic color and glaze.

In order to enlarge the production scale and improve the competitiveness of enterprise, Huashan Hi-Tech established the strategic cooperation with Shijiazhuang Gaosha New Material Co. LTD, and became a group company in 2013.

The group has two production bases, one in Guangdong Province and the other in Hebei Province. Both bases are the ones of the top manufacturers for compound inorganic pigment, burned polychrome sand ,ceramic color and glaze in China. Huashan Hi-Tech is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, covering an area of more than 40,000 square meters; Gaosha Ceramic is located in Zanhuang County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, covering an area of more than 50,000 square meters. Due to the perfect location, the group enjoys the unique advantages of transportation, information source, as well as labour power. It has a sound raw material processing system and a large modern continuous full-automatic kiln with annual production capacity of more than 30,000 tons of compound inorganic pigment for plastic and coating as well as burned polychrome sand and ceramic colour. The products are of stable quality and excellent color development, and the production system meets zero emission of waste water, waste material and dust. As a manufacturer in ceramic industry for over 20 years, the group has been paying much attention to develop the international market, and its sales network has spread throughout the globe more than 30 countries and regions, such as Europe, America, Japan, Asia and Africa.

Always with the aim of "quality product with excellent service", Huashan Hi-Tech has been devoting to continued innovation, professional production, and strong management, which ensure  good quality and excellent performance of its product. Meanwhile, its high-quality product and professional service have been well honoured by customer's trust and praise, which establishes a good reputation for the group.

Huashan Hi-Tech has achieved  ISO9001: 2000 international certification since 2001. Based on high-quality of its product and professional service, Huashan Hi-Tech were awarded kinds of honours, such as "Top Ten Brands (Raw Material) Suppliers of China Building and Sanitary Ceramics Industry", “Vice President Branch Ceramic Colour and Glaze Unit of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association", “Vice Chamber of China Ceramic Industry Association Decoration Branch”, "Deputy Director of the Chinese Ceramic Society Colour Glaze Committee Member Units",  “Vice Chamber of Plastic Industry in Guangdong Province” and so on.

Huashan Hi-Tech will continue focusing on the development and the professional production of high-quality and environmental-friendly compound inorganic pigment and  burned polychrome sand .With the attitude of efficiency, pragmatism, integrity and mutual win-win, Huashan Hi-Tech will build a better corporate image to make the great contribution to coating, plastic and ceramic industries.






Huashan Hi-Tech has developed and successfully launched series of environmental-friendly compound inorganic pigment for plastic and coating since 2009. These products meet customer’s requirements such as high-quality, functionality, appearance, durability, safety, environmental protection and other conditions.

The compound inorganic pigments from this group are of excellent weather resistance, light resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance. The products are qualified with both EN71-3 (EU standards) and CONEG (U.S. standards), which are two inspection standards to verify  non-toxic and environmental-friendly properties of products. Several products have a reflecting infrared ray function, which can be used as the plastic cartridge coating to reduce the surface temperature and improve  the life of the coating, especially suitable for surface decoration and the other outdoor facilities.

Huashan Hi-Tech has precise control in product’s crystal morphology and particle size distribution aspects by its professional research and development, thereby enhancing  colouring power and opacity of the compound inorganic pigment, which achieve the good dispersion performance and other performances in different products.

Performance & Characteristics

》Excellent performance, stable quality;
》Excellent weather resistance, light resistance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance;
》Environmental friendly, non-toxic and in line with the EU EN71-3, America CONEG inspection standard;
》Reflecting infrared function, which reduces the surface temperature of the product, improves the service life of plastics and coatings;
》Strong coloring and covering power;
》Good dispersion performance and other performance in different products.